May 2020:

  • ePIXfab, in collaboration with Chonqqing United Microelectronics Center  (CUMEC), is organizing 2nd China-Europe International Silicon Photonics Course and Symposium in Chongqing China from 28-30 May 2020. More information is HERE.
    Note: Because of the Coronavirus outbreak in China, the participants can decide to either join the event online or in-person. The organization committee has decided to organize the event at the already announced dates of 28-30 May 2020.
  • ePIXfab is supporting the 4th edition of the silicon Photonics Design Course from 8th to 12th June at Ghent University (Ghent, Belgium). Click HERE for more information. Note: The event is canceled for this year.

June 2020:

  • ePIXfab is organizing the 5th edition of the ePIXfab silicon Photonics Summer School from 15th to 19th June at Ghent University (Ghent, Belgium). More information is HERE Note: The event will be held on schedule and will be held ONLINE. Attendance will be enabled for different geographic time-zones.
  • ePIXfab is offering design tool hands-on training to the ECIO 2020 participants. More information is available HERE.
  • ePIXfab in collaboration with JePPIX  is offering a workshop on access route, in particular MPW, for various PIC technologies at ECIO 2020 in Paris. Check HERE the details.

September 2020:

  • ePIXfab, in collaboration with JePPIX is organizing the 11th European Photonic Integration Forum at the 46th European Conference on Optical Communication in Brussels. More information to follow.