ePIXfab provides the most complete source of silicon photonics service providers with the objective to:

  • Support innovators in finding the best solutions for their innovation

  • Strengthening the Silicon Photonics ecosystem

  • Connecting the global silicon photonics supply chain

ePIXfab’s Silicon Photonics Portal

ePIXfab‘s Silicon Photonics portal is loaded with the necessary information that enables companies to quickly and easily transform their silicon photonics ideas into a reality. The users of this portal can choose the most appropriate service providers and contact them directly to ask their queries.

Portal’s Principle and Values

  • No commercial interest

  • 100% neutrality towards various service providers

  • Trustworthy with a high level of integrity

  • Based on the information provided by the companies

Your Link to the Silicon Photonics Solution Providers

Silicon Photonics is a rapidly evolving technology with a promise to provide cutting edge solutions for myriad applications.

Discover the services offered by the some of the most well-established players in the field of silicon photonics

Know the latest updates and their future plans to evolve their services to the future demands of the end-users

Get in touch with the service providers and ask your questions in a discrete and trustworthy fashion