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ePIXfab is an open alliance and any organizations that support the mission of ePIXfab can become a member of it. The mission of ePIXfab and its members is to promote the science, technology, and applications of silicon photonics.

Any institution, public body, academic research group, company etc. can be part of the ePIXfab alliance.

Click HERE to download a copy of the ePIXfab Memorandum of Understanding (updated 22 May 2020):

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ePIXfab membership benefits

  • First-time member: free participation voucher for one person for one ePIXfab-organized event

  • Reduced participation fee in all ePIXfab-organized events

  • Silicon photonics technology matchmaking and scouting

  • Online access to streamed content of ePIXfab-organized events

  • Free access (password-protected) to resources on the ePIXfab website (training material, services, …)

  • Visibility of members on ePIXfab website, promotional material, presentations

  • Be part of ePIXfab services such as industrial residence program, student internship program and off-the-shelf chip program

  • Possibility to sponsor events, and in this case, be allowed to present at the event, have roll-up, etc.

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ePIXfab membership fee

Why become an ePIXfab member

The fee for ePIXfab membership depends on the size and type of your organization. This fee model is applicable only to non-EU members.

  • University = 500 Euro/year
  • Not-for-profit institute: 1000 Euro/year
  • Micro-sized company: 1000 Euro/year
  • Small-sized company: 1500 Euro/year
  • Medium-sized company: 2000 Euro/year
  • Any other: 3000 Euro/year

The size of a company is defined as follows:

  • micro: with less than 10 persons employed;
  • small: with 10-49 persons employed;
  • medium-sized: with 50-249 persons employed

The payment of membership fee for Chinese members is handled by WeiMing Technology Consulting Co. Ltd, JiangSu province TaiZhou City HaiLing, District JiuLong Zhen, YaoJia Road No. 22, 4th floor room No.4026, China.

Chinese companies interested in becoming ePIXfab membership can get in touch with ePIXfab-China Liaison Officer Dr. William Chen (email:

Get your workforce prepared to adopt silicon photonics into your business or research

Know the latest developments and future roadmap of silicon photonics evolution

Be part of a community pushing the state-of-the-art in silicon photonics to reach new levels

Be represented by a brand that has a rich and long legacy in the field of silicon photonics

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