ePIXfab membership and its benefits

ePIXfab is an open alliance and any European organizations that support the mission of ePIXfab can become a member of it. The mission of ePIXfab and its members is to promote the science, technology, and applications of silicon photonics. Any European institution, public body, academic research group, company etc. can be part of the ePIXfab alliance.

Membership benefits

  • Visibility at major conferences and photonics related events

  • Networking opportunities with companies and research groups interested in pursuing silicon photonics research

  • Potential opportunities for scientific collaboration among ePIXfab members

  • Possibility to project silicon photonics in the European market

ePIXfab membership is free but requires in-kind contribution to:

  • Represent ePIXfab at promotional events

  • Contribute in road mapping activities

  • Travel to training or promotional activities

  • Contribute in training activities of ePIXfab by acting as a trainer or by providing training material

How to become an ePIXfab member?

ePIXfab is an open alliance. Any European organization which agrees with the mission of ePIXfab can become its member. For more information contact click HERE.