Become an ePIXfab member

ePIXfab is an open alliance and any organizations that support the mission of ePIXfab can become a member of it. The mission of ePIXfab and its members is to promote the science, technology, and applications of silicon photonics.

Any institution, public body, academic research group, company etc. can be part of the ePIXfab alliance.

Click HERE to download a copy of the ePIXfab Memorandum of Understanding (updated 22 May 2020):

ePIXfab membership benefits

  • Be part of our regular silicon photonics-centric networking events involving industry and academia

  • Enjoy reduced participation fees in all ePIXfab-organized events

  • Stay up to date with integrated photonics related policies and funding opportunities and voice your views through ePIXfab

  • Develop your workforce and discover talents through ePIXfab’s training events and the job portal on the ePIXfab website

  • Grow your business network and create visibility for your services/technologies on the ePIXfab website, promotional material, presentations, newsletter and social media

  • Access and/or join our expert network for technical advice and consultation and  (to be launched in 2023) and interface to other global photonics and non-photonics networks

  • Watch the recordings of past events on the ePIXfab website (training material, networking events)

  • Participate in our events as a sponsor and gain visibility through marketing material

  • Tap into other ePIXfab brokerage, training and matchmaking services

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ePIXfab membership fee

The fee for ePIXfab membership depends on the size and type of your organization.

  • University = 500 Euro/year
  • Not-for-profit institute: 1000 Euro/year
  • Micro-sized company: 1000 Euro/year
  • Small-sized company: 1500 Euro/year
  • Medium-sized company: 2000 Euro/year
  • Any other: 3000 Euro/year

The size of a company is defined as follows:

  • micro: with less than 10 persons employed;
  • small: with 10-49 persons employed;
  • medium-sized: with 50-249 persons employed