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22 June 2020

PIC Technologies

Will MPW-service for integrated photonics grow or decline in the next 10 years?

This panel discussion is organized by ePIXfab and JePPIX through the support of European Conference On Integrated Optics

In this webinar, six panelists will give their view on the future of MPW-service for integrated photonics and will join in a panel discussion moderated by Kevin Williams (JePPIX) and Roel Baets (ePIXfab).

Practical Details

Meet the experts

Dr. Michael Hochberg

CTO, Elenion Technologies (USA)

Prof. Mike Wale

TU/e (the Netherlands) & Uni. College London (UK)

Dr. Pieter Dumon

CTO, Luceda Photonics (Belgium)

Nazanin Shafiee

Business Development Manager at SMART Photonics (the Netherlands)

Francisco Rodrigues

CEO at PIC Advanced (Portugal)

Kavitha Buddharaju

Director at Advanced Micro Foundry (Singapore)

Romano Hoofman

General Manager at Europractice IC (Belgium)

Meet the moderators

Prof. Roel Baets

Chair of ePIXfab and Professor at Ghent University – imec (Belgium)

Prof. Kevin Williams

Chair of JePPIX and Professor at Technical University of Eindhoven (the Netherlands)