About Photon Design

Photon Design was started in 1992 in Oxford UK to provide professional quality software to the photonics industry. Since that time it has introduced many innovations to photonics modelling, and now provides Online tools for the modelling of active and passive photonics components and circuits. Photon Design products are now in use in 30+ countries, 100s of research labs and contributed to 1000s of leading research publications, helping to develop the next generation of datacom components and innovations in micro and nano-optics. We are also able to provide custom solutions based on our standard products and our experts with decades of simulation experience.


Photon Design products include software for:

  • FIMMWAVE: waveguide mode solvers
  • FIMMPROP: fully vectorial and bi-directional optical propagation tool
  • OmniSim: FDTD and FETD Simulators for Nanophotonics and Plasmonics
  • CrystalWave: Photonic Crystal Design Suite
  • Epipprop: AWG and Echelle Grating Model
  • Kallistos: Automatic Design Optimisation
  • PICWave: Photonic Circuit and Laser Diode Simulator
  • Harold: Advanced Laser and QCSE Heterostructure Model
  • PICWave: Photonic Circuit and Laser Diode Simulator