Chongqing United Microelectronics Center (CUMEC) was a collaborative innovation platform of microelectronics technology strongly supported by Chongqing government, incorporated in October, 2018 .It is committed to solve the need of independent high-end development of the national microelectronics industry and its future industry, taking the technical route of More than Moore’s , to build a high-end featured photoelectric integration process platform integrating processes, technologies and products, including silicon photonics, heterogeneous 3D integration, smart sensors, etc.


CUMEC provides the services about silicon photonics:

  • Design: At present, we gradually establishing a silicon photonics devices and provides the service of device design.
  • Fabrication: CUMEC Provides full service of silicon photonics tape-out based on SOI, including device and layout design, fabrication, packaging, etc., CUMEC silicon photonics technology (CSiP180Al) is based on 200mm CMOS process, using 180nm process node and 220nm SOI substrate to prepare a full set of silicon photonics devices
  • Packaging: CUMEC provides packaging and testing services such as FA Packaging, DC/RF Wire-bonding, TEC, etc.