About Bright Photonics

BRIGHT Photonics is an independent design house for Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) for applications in any market that benefits from the use of PICs. BRIGHT provides access to PIC foundry technology, custom, and MPW.  We support companies and researchers in PIC development from application idea to prototypes and design for volume production. BRIGHT  also commercially supports PIC design platform ‘Nazca-Design’ for lowering barriers to utilize photonic technologies.

The mission of BRIGHT Photonics is making PIC technology accessible to product developers and researchers.  Photonics is exciting! It provides novel solutions and revolutionizes the world we live in.


A. Photonic IC Design and Prototyping

Together with the customer BRIGHT Photonics finds the best PIC technology and foundry for the project. We translate the application specification into a PIC circuit design and a foundry compatible mask layout for manufacturing. We supply prototypes based on customer specifications and ready for system testing.

Technologies include:

  • SOI, Silicon photonics
  • InP / III-V photonics
  • SiN / TripleX
  • SiO2 / PLC
  • Polymer

B. Photonic IP cores for PIC designers

Photonic IP cores beyond standard libraries of MPW platforms can boost your PIC performance. Sometimes these IP cores are even essential for specific PIC functionality. BRIGHT Photonics offers a wealth of photonics IP cores for your design project, which minimizes risk, speeds up design, and reduces development cost. Examples are: MUX/DeMUX devices, lasers, modulators, fiber-to-chip couplers.

C. PDKs for foundries

Having your own PIC manufacturing? BRIGHT Photonics provides tailored PDK implementations on your platform, including:

  • In depth waveguide analysis
  • Component development
  • Customized design modules.

PDKs for foundries can be implemented and distributed within the PIC design platform ‘Nazca-Design’  and by using uPDK, which is an open standard for PDK description.