About AMO GmbH

AMO is a non-profit SME with the mission to open the way to innovations in the field of nanotechnology. Particularly, we drive the convergence between micro- and optoelectronics. We are partners for new technologies in nanoelectronics, photonics, sensor technology, diagnostics, energy and environment. We see ourselves as partners of innovators who want to explore new and unconventional routes. We quickly translate our knowledge and our latest findings into applications and transfer the results to our R&D partners. By transferring technology to industry, small and medium-sized enterprises and young start-ups, we provide essential impulses for our economic environment. We align our strategies to the continuous efforts to create potentials and possibilities for both incremental as well as disruptive innovations.


AMO offers nanophotonic prototyping foundry services based on various lithography techniques on 6’’ and partially 8’’ wafers including i-line projection lithography, electron beam lithography and advanced nanoimprint lithography. Currently, active and passive integrated silicon nanophotonic devices like grating couplers, silicon-on-insulator (SOI) electro-optical modulators, photonic crystals and microring resonators and many more are available. Furthermore, we offer ultra-low loss photonics based on silicon nitride waveguides with low loss cladding material on a low-cost, high throughput fabrication platform. Our specialties are customized wafers runs which have quick tape-outs.