About VTT

We are a visionary research, development and innovation partner

We drive sustainable growth and tackle the biggest global challenges of our time and turn them into growth opportunities. We are at the sweet spot where innovation and business come together.

The piloting opportunities and skilled experts at VTT bridge the gap between laboratory-scale development and the commercial production of new breakthrough technologies.


VTT uses the Micronova clean room facility for processing PICs on commercial SOI wafers (150 mm / 6″ diameter). For customers around the world we offer the low-cost option to join our multi-project wafer (MPW) runs, as well as dedicated processing runs and strategic partnerships for product development. Those who want to commercialise their Si photonic products can obtain contract manufacturing services from VTT Memsfab Ltd (in the same facility).

We can do the design for you or you can do your own design using our process design kits (PDKs) that are supported by commercial design tools. VTT also offers packaging and testing services for the fabricated silicon photonic chips. You can also benefit from our network of R&D partners around the world for subcontracting, hybrid integration of III-V optoelectronics, funding opportunities etc.