About Experimental MPW:

The workshop participants will get a chance to join an experimental MPW where they can choose one of the two laser integration modalities for the fabrication of a laser-integrated silicon photonics chip. Two laser integration options in experimental MPW include:

  • SOA integration with silicon photonics chips by micro-transfer printing
  • Laser integration with silicon photonics chips by photonic wire bonding

The experimental MPW is for experimental evaluation and it will provide a low TRL implementation of laser integration with silicon photonics chips.

  • Delivery of laser integrated MPW chips will be subject to export controls regulations.
  • The experimental MPW is a best-effort offer. SiEPICfab and ePIXfab do not make any promise concerning the performance of the laser integrated chips. The experimental MPW is for scientific evaluation only and it has a low technology readiness level.
  • The participants agree to pay the first installment (50% of the total cost) with the delivery of passive silicon photonics chips. The second payment is due after the delivery of laser-integrated PICs.
  • The participants agree to sign the design kit license agreements and contract to access the process design kit of the respective fabs (imec or Applied Nanotools Inc.).
  • The experimental MPW is a co-development and co-creation activity. Any dissemination of scientific results (such as through scientific publications) requires co-authorship of the involved parties.

How to join the laser integration MPW?

  • Prospects can make an expression of interest to join the MPW during workshop registration.
  • Prospects can make a final decision to participate in the MPW offer by December 9, 2022.
  • More details will be provided about participation in the MPW offer during the workshop.

Important dates

  • Registration deadline: 9 December 2022
  • First GDS submission: 3 February 2023
  • Final (DRC-clean) GDS submission: 17 Feb 2023
  • Chip Delivery: third quarter of 2023 for Photonic Wirebonding MPW offer and fourth quarter of 2023 for Transfer Printing MPW offer.

MPW Offers