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7th ePIXfab Silicon Photonics

Summer School

20 - 24 June 2022

C2N Paris-Saclay

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Here you learn

all about silicon photonics

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A perfect blend of

fundamental and advanced topics

ePIXfab’s 7th edition of the silicon photonics summer school

will be held at C2N Paris-Saclay

The school will be held from 20-24 June 2022

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School Composition

Lectures on fundamentals in silicon photonics science and technology, and its emerging applications.

An exquisite lineup of renowned experts in the field will deliver comprehensive lectures covering fundamental and advanced topics.

Poster session to learn, share and network with peers and the experts

The school will organize a poster session where the participants are encouraged to introduce themselves, their expertise, and their project.

How did the earlier participants rate the school?

Overall satisfaction with the quality of the lectures? 95%
Overall satisfaction with the organization of the school? 93%
Overall value of the school? 98%

Based on the feedback from the hundreds of participants from the last six editions of the school.

How will you benefit from the school?

Geared towards industrial and academic participants, ePIXfab silicon photonics schools go all the way from fundamentals to the latest developments in the science and technology of silicon PIC design, fabrication, assembly and testing for ever-growing applications of silicon photonics.

20+ top-notch lectures by experts from across the globe

A detailed list of all the confirmed speakers will be published soon. Stay tuned!

One-hour tutorial-style lectures with an extensive Q&A

With adequate time for an interactive discussion with the lecturers during the school

Comprehensive coverage of basic and emerging topics

A delicately balanced program covering full spectrum of topics in the field of silicon photonics

Scope and Audience


to bring mastery to the beginners and raise the excellence of the experts


deep dive into the latest trends, hot topics & recent/upcoming technological developments in the field


Social events to share, learn and discuss with peers and experts

Lecture Topics

  • Introduction to silicon photonics
  • Passive components in Silicon Photonics
  • Laser integration in Silicon Photonics
  • High speed modulators and detectors
  • Silicon Photonics Value System
  • Design Methodologies in Silicon Photonics
  • Integration of non-III-V materials with Silicon Photonics
  • Mid-IR silicon photonics
  • Silicon Photonics platform development (technology level)
  • Non-linear silicon photonics and frequency combs in silicon photonics
  • Programmable Photonics
  • Electronic-Photonics ICs
  • Optimization for silicon photonics design (Machine Learning and other approaches)
  • Sub-wavelength silicon photonics
  • MEMS Photonics
  • Applications enabled by laser integration in silicon photonics
  • LIDAR in silicon photonics
  • High-speed transceivers in silicon photonics
  • Microwve Photonics and Photonics for 5G/6G Networks
  • Quantum applications in silicon photonics
  • On-chip silicon photonics interconnects
  • Neuromorphic optical systems and AI in integrated optics
  • Scale-up routes for manufacturing of silicon nitride photonics ICs
  • Sensing for life science applications


Prof. Roel Baets
Prof. Roel BaetsGhent-University - imec
Dr. Laurent Vivien
Dr. Laurent VivienCNRS, Université Paris-Saclay
Prof. Andrea Melloni
Prof. Andrea MelloniPolitecnico di Milano
Prof. Delphine Marris-Morini
Prof. Delphine Marris-MoriniUniversité Paris-Saclay
Dr. Jonathan Doylend
Dr. Jonathan DoylendIntel
Dr. Yannick Paillard
Dr. Yannick PaillardSCINTIL Photonics
Dr. Bert Jan Offrein
Dr. Bert Jan OffreinIBM
Prof. Antonella Bogoni
Prof. Antonella BogoniSant'Anna School of Advanced Studies
Prof. Wim Bogaerts
Prof. Wim BogaertsGhent University - imec
Prof. Robert Halir
Prof. Robert HalirMalaga University
Prof. Gunther Roelkens
Prof. Gunther RoelkensGhent University - imec
Dr. Bertrand Szelag
Dr. Bertrand SzelagCEA-LETI
Prof. Kristinn Gylfason
Prof. Kristinn GylfasonKTH
Dr, Michael Zervas
Dr, Michael ZervasLIGENTEC
Augustinas Vizbaras
Augustinas VizbarasBrolis Sensor Technology
Prof. Bart Kuyken
Prof. Bart KuykenGhent University - imec
Prof. Peter Ossieur
Prof. Peter OssieurGhent University - imec
Dr. Eric Mounier
Dr. Eric MounierYole Development
Dr. Daniele Melati
Dr. Daniele MelatiUniversité Paris-Saclay
Dr. Abdul Rahim
Dr. Abdul RahimePIXfab - Gent University


University Rate (ePIXfab members)

Euro560Valid till 01.05.2022

University Rate (non-members)

Euro800Valid till 01.05.2022

Non-University Rate (ePIXfab members)

Euro800Valid till 01.05.2022

Non-University Rate (non-members)

Euro1200Valid till 01.05.2022
  • No extra fee for credit card payment.
  • 50 Euro extra fee for bank transfer.
  • All fee categories are increased by 200 Euro after the early bird registration deadline of 1 May 2022.

Send an email to for fee payment via bank transfer. Fee payment by bank transfer will cost 50 Euro extra.


Note: You will be redirected to the payment system of Ghent University.


“The ePIXfab Silicon Photonics Summer School is a fantastic occasion to learn all you ever wanted to know about Silicon Photonics! Tutorial style presentations from renowned experts cover all relevant aspects of Silicon Photonics, addressing the underlying physics, technology implementations and successful applications, and providing a glimpse at emerging technologies for future photonic integrated circuits! The topics are carefully selected to give a well-rounded program, and the speakers provide lectures of outstanding quality, all in a relaxed atmosphere giving ample of opportunity to make new connections and to chat about new ideas!”

Prof. Niels Quack , EPFL (Switzerland)

“The Silicon Photonics Summer school offered me a truly amazing learning experience! I got an opportunity to attend the lectures from world’s leading researchers in the field of Silicon Photonics. The school allowed me to interact with the lecturers and other students to discuss my ideas/challenges related to PhD studies. It was perfectly an international environment and the professional contacts I made are highly valuable.  Besides lectures, the summer school offered entertaining social programs, and the overall organization was excellent.”

Nouman Zia, Tampere University of Technology (Finlad)

“I have had the pleasure to attend two times to the ePIXfab summer school. It is an excellent opportunity to meet a combination of the best top-level researchers and refreshing early-career professionals and students. A must to periodically foster your photonic IC career. “

Daniel Pérez, Universitat Politècnica de València

I’ve had the immense pleasure of attending and giving a lecture at the ePIXfab silicon photonic summer school in 2018. The school was superbly organized with important topics covering devices, packaging, applications and new opportunities in silicon photonics. This is also an excellent avenue for students to interact with experts and be inspired! I will surely encourage my students to attend this meeting.

Prof. David Marpaung, University of Twente (Nederlands)

Program Committee

Prof. Roel Baets
Prof. Roel BaetsGhent University- imec, Belgium
Dr. Laurent Vivien
Dr. Laurent VivienC2N, CNRS, Univ. Paris Saclay, France
Prof. Wim Bogaerts
Prof. Wim BogaertsGhent University - imec, Belgium
Dr. Carlos Alonso-Ramos
Dr. Carlos Alonso-RamosC2N - CNRS, France
Dr. Fabienne Goldfarb
Dr. Fabienne GoldfarbISL, LuMIn, University Paris-Saclay
Dr. Abdul Rahim
Dr. Abdul RahimePIXfab - European Silicon Photonics Alliance

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