What is “Meet the Leaders” session?

The “Meet the leaders” session will take place on Thursday, June 17 at 4 PM (CEST).

There are two rounds of six parallel “Meet the Leaders” sessions. Each 45-minute session. Each participant can choose two of the parallel sessions from each round.

The “meet the leaders” is an informal session between you and the participants of the school. The leaders will present short (a few slides) introductions of the topic.  It will follow an interactive discussion between the participants and the leaders.

Prof. John Bowers

UC Santa Barbara, USA

Topic: Data Communications using Silicon Photonic Integrated Circuits

Prof. David Miller

Stanford University, USA

Topic: Self-configuring silicon photonics

Prof. Graham Reed

Southampton University, United Kingdom

Topic: Silicon-based modulators

Prof. Lukas Chrostowski

University of British Columbia, Canada

Topic: Photonic wire bonding for laser & fibre integration, and opportunities for building systems

Dr. Timo Aalto

VTT, Finland

Topic: Thick-SOI for ultra-low-loss silicon photonics

Dr. Peter De Dobbelaere

Cisco, USA

Topic: Scaling Silicon Photonics for high-speed communication