Monday 30 August 2021

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Frederic Boeuf
Dr. Frederic BoeufSTMicroelectronics, France

Topic: Silicon photonics application for datacom and sensing

Dr. Chongjin Xie
Dr. Chongjin XieAlibaba, China

Topic: Optical Interconnects for Cloud-Scale Computing

Invited Speakers

Prof. Laura Lechuga
Prof. Laura Lechuga ICN2, Spain

Topic: Biosensors in silicon photonics

Prof. Nan Qi
Prof. Nan QiChinese Academy of Sciences, China

Topic: Silicon Electronic-Photonic Co-designed IC for Co-packaged Optics in the High-Speed Datacenter Interconnects

Dr. Joris Van Campenhout
Dr. Joris Van Campenhout imec, Belgium

Topic: Silicon photonics – an enabler for optical IO

Prof. Feng Qiu
Prof. Feng Qiu Westlake University, China

Topic: Electro-optic Polymer Heightening Silicon Photonics

Dr. Michael Geiselmann
Dr. Michael Geiselmann LIGENTEC, Switzerland

Topic: Silicon nitride photonics

Prof. Linjie Zhou
Prof. Linjie Zhou Shanghai Jiaotong, China

Topic: Large scale switch fabric on silicon

Dr. Vladimir Davydenko
Dr. Vladimir DavydenkoScantinel, Germany

Topic: A silicon photonics LiDAR

Dr. Xiaowen Dong
Dr. Xiaowen Dong Huawei, China

Topic: The Opportunities and Challenges of Optical Computing in Post-Moore Era