About Luceda Photonics

Luceda Photonics wants photonic IC engineers to enjoy the same first-time-right design experience as electronic IC designers. Luceda Photonics’ tools and services are rooted in over 50 years of experience in photonic integrated circuit (PIC) design.

The team’s expertise in the development of process design kits (PDK) and the design and validation of photonic integrated circuits is used by several research institutes and industrial R&D teams worldwide.

The company started as spin-off from imec, the photonics group of the UGent and the VUB.


Luceda provides design software and services to the integrated photonics market.

Photonic IC technology is maturing fast and designers need process design kits (PDKs) as the foundation of their design flow. PDKs provide a reliable, scalable design flow and facilitate knowledge transfer between foundries and designers on layout and simulation models. Luceda’s IPKISS integrated photonics design platform combines layout, smart physical simulation and circuit level design & simulation, in one single quality-controlled PDK. Design teams can now take a big leap forward and create a design flow that is more reliable and scalable and that will enable the consolidation of knowledge in the context of a fast-moving industry.