Silicon Photonics Summer School

Topic Speaker Affiliation
Introduction and Evolution of Silicon Photonics Prof. Roel Baets Ghent University – imec, Belgium
Passive Silicon Photonics Building Blocks Prof. Dries Van Thourhout Ghent University – imec, Belgium
Active Silicon Photonics Building Blocks (Modulators and  Detectors) Dr. Laurent Vivien Universite Paris Sud, France
Hybrid Silicon III-V lasers TBA TBA
Silicon Photonics Design Methodology (Devices, Circuits) Prof. Wim Bogaerts Ghent University – imec, Belgium
Topic Speaker Affiliation
European Silicon Photonics Ecosystem Dr. Abdul Rahim Ghent University – ePIXfab, Belgium
CMOS Process Flow & Key Technology Steps for Silicon Photonics Prof. Shankar Salvaraja IISC, India
Challenges to Build and Maintain Silicon Photonics Process Flow Dr. Philippe Absil imec, Belgium
Packaging of Silicon Photonics Modules Dr. Lee Carroll Tyndall National Institute, Ireland
Topic Speaker Affiliation
Silicon Photonics for (coherent) receivers TBA TBA
Power Considerations for optical Interconnects Prof. David Miller Stanford University, USA
Silicon Photonics for mid-IR Prof. Gunther Roelkens Ghent University – imec, Belgium
Silicon Nitride Photonics Dr. Michael Geiselmann Ligentec, Switzerland
Microwave Silicon Photonics Prof. Jose Capmany Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Spain
Silicon Photonics for Biosensing TBA TBA
Spectroscopy on Chip Prof. Roel Baets Ghent University – imec, Belgium
Non-linear Silicon Photonics Prof. Bart Kuyken Ghent University – imec, Belgium
Topic Speaker Affiliation
Programmable Silicon PICs Prof. David Miller Stanford University, USA
Optomechanics Prof. Tobias Kippenberg ETH, Switzerland
2D Materials and Silicon Photonics Prof. Marco Romagnoli CNIT, Italy
Multilayer Silicon Photonics Prof. Joyce Poon University of Toronto, Canada
Stimulate Brillouin Scattering & its Applications Prof. David Marpaung University of Twente, Nederlands
MEMS based Optical Switching Prof. Niels Quack EPFL, Switzerland
Silicon Photonics for Emerging Applications: LiDAR Dr. Jerome Bourderionnet Thales, France
Quantum Optics TBA TBA

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Specialized Silicon Photonics Design Course

Basic Concepts in PIC Design
What is PIC?
Difference Between Components & Circuits
Overall View of a Design Flow
Circuit Modelling Techniques
PDK-driven Design Flow
Designing Circuits with Standard Building Blocks from a Fab PDK
Custom Component Design
Defining Custom (parametric) Layout
Component Simulations
Wavelength Filter Design
Basic Filter Principles
Designing AWGs, PCGs and Lattice Filters
Verification and Preparation for Tape-out
Short Presentations about Participant’s Design Proposals