Aiding your silicon photonics innovation by a silicon PIC in zero-turnaround

The general purpose chip can be readily bought off-the-shelf in order to help you start your experiment without waiting for long MPW turn-around times.


  • Requires no designing and no wait for processing

  • Fabricated using a mature technology

  • Ready-made to enhance your affinity with silicon PICs

  • Useful for research and experimentation


  • Generic passive building blocks

  • 2cm x 2cm chip size

  • Feasible for post-processing

  • Grating coupler enabled IO from 1520 nm to 1575 nm

Available devices on the chip

  • Wire waveguides (450 nm x 220 nm)

  • Grating couplers

  • Spirals of different lengths

  • Balanced MZI

  • Unbalanced MZI of various FSR

  • Ring resonators

  • Lattice filter

  • Your Content Goes Here
  • and many more …


  • One chip for 700 Euro per chip
  • Two chips for 800  Euro per chip
  • Three or more chips for 900 Euro per chip

With the chips, you will also get a GDSII file to add custom structures on the existing design.

This price is excluding VAT and shipment charges.

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